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Prices do not include sales tax.

Product Description Price
Travel Fee There will be a travel fee added to any location outside of the Greater Utica area (Utica, Whitesboro, New York Mills, Deerfield)
$10 for more than 15 miles from my location.
$20 for more than 25 miles from my location.
60 miles or more can be discussed prior to setting appointment.
$ 10-20
Lessons/Tutorials Lessons on how to use new Operating Systems, how to use features in software programs, etc.
Will need to know what specific software/OS at time of scheduling appointment.
Minimum of 1 Hour, then 30 minute increments after that.
$ 25/hr
TuneUp $25 for remote (pre-paid via paypal and requires installation of Teamviewer for
$40 for in home
Includes opening case and removing dust (in home tune up's only), checking components (such as hard drive health), and checking software for malware/virus presence. (Does NOT include virus removal if any are found - see Virus Removal)
$ 25-40
Virus/Malware Removal Prices will vary based on the level of infection.
Any virus clean up comes with a risk of the files being too damaged to repair, but any and all attempts to recover data will be made.
If the system is too damaged then a clean install will need to be performed so review the price on that also please.
$ 75-?
Router Install/Setup Includes installation/configuration of customer purchased router and connecting any available wireless devices.
Also includes brief tutorial on how to connect future devices to network.
$ 40
Network Troubleshooting Troubleshooting or reconfiguring already existing networks, recommendations for improving low signal quality and proper placement.
Price will vary based on complexity of network/number of devices having issues.
$ 35-?
Operating System Re-install/Upgrade This is for a clean install (full system wipe).
Requires taking computer from customers home. Customer must have OS Reinstall cds for this to be done, or purchase upgrade disc. Includes all updates to current. While I am charging for my time, I am realistic.
Just as an example: A clean install of Windows 7 takes approximately 17 minutes, however, updating it to the very latest updates can sometimes take upwards of another 6 or 7 hours.
I am not going to charge you for the time I spend watching a movie or playing a game on my computer while 3 gigabytes of updates download, only for the time I actually need to spend performing actions on the machine.
$ 100
Custom Builds I do custom builds, there is an initial consulting fee of $20 to come and sit with you and discuss needs/wants and to determine components.
Will help locate either local resources or online sites to order components from and discuss build cost at that time.
Once parts are all in, will assemble machine and return it to customer within 24-48 hours, fully updated/tested and ready to use.
Custom builds include 90 days of support and up to 1 hr of tutorials if unfamiliar with the Operating System.
$ varies
Website Design I am only a beginner at website design and this is not the place you want to go for anything super technical, but for basic web design for personal pages or small business, I can certainly set something up for you. Because I am only a beginner I don't charge much for this, it usually ranges from around $50-$150 depending on how complicated the design is and how much time I spend on it. I am flexible on the price, so give a call and I am sure we can work something out. $ Varies


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